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How long does each therapy session take?

Since every kiddo is different in terms of their exceptionalities so will session times. In our center, we typically have therapy for two hour blocks of time. Sometimes it maybe more but not typically less. Additionally, sessions are conducted four to fives times a week and parent support meetings are held at least once a week.

Who are the people working with my child?

There will be team assigned to you and your child. The Board Certified Behavior Analyst oversees the assessments, interventions, programing, and training for the registered behavior technician(RBT). The RBT's spend most of the one to one time with your child while parent support and training is conducted with the behavior analyst.

How is your practice different from others?

Our treatment is our main purpose! We maintain a small practice which allows us to focus on effective treatment. Our priority is providing thorough comprehensive training to our staff, parents, and trusted academic institutions that will ultimately create sustainable changes in the child's life.  We would love to reach everyone that was seeking our services but the truth is, we have created this "bridge model"as an intensive treatment for parents and caregivers. In this model, parents play a significant role in the progress of the child. It is a documented commitment between ABA Bridge Solutions and our families that they are willing to commit the time, energy and resources to learn how to apply the science of behavior and practice techniques that ultimately transforms the progress of their child. While being supported and taught from an experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst. This model will take some dedication and that may not suite everyone's lifestyle. However, our promise to those that feel this is the right option, is to provide support that is second to none!

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